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My name is Rocio del Carmen Herrera Aranda. I have been an exercise & nutrition coach for over 20 years. I came across steel mace flow and immediately fell in love with the practice. I signed up and completed my level 1 Steel Mace Flow certification on September 11, 2019 and began teaching classes in the Dallas, Texas Area by mid-October. I believe this is the most overall beneficial practice I've come across in my 20 years in the fitness industry. It calls for complete focus and builds confidence along the way. Please join me in taken an ancient tool and creating what I call Art in Motion. 

Education & Experience

Coaching Education & Experience

Boys and Girls Club, Director of Physical Education, 1995-1998 

Texas Woman's University Bachelors of Exercise Science, 2007

Bally Total Fitness, Director of Personal Trainers, 2004-2010

Unlock Health & Wellness LLC, Founder & Head Coach, 2013-present 

Certified Steel Mace Flow L1, 2019

Certified Nutrition Coach, NAFC 2017

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM 2007 

Certified Stretching Coach, BFIT 2004

Let the Adventures of Mace Flow begin.

What is a Mace?

Mace Training, Steel Mace Flow, Personl Training, Dallas, Texas

The short story is that this tool is derived from an ancient training tool known in India as the Gada. It’s gaining ground in the Western world and is quickly become a popular Unconventional Training tool, challenging Core Stability, Rotational Strength & Power, Anti-Rotation and Counter Rotation, as well as Endurance and Posture. -Coach Rich Thurman

In the photograph, you can see the various sizes of the the mace. A mace can be wooden or steel. We will determine what size mace is best for you based on which one challenges, yet respects your current physical and mental state. Don't worry about buying one, I have plenty to explore.

Benefits of Mace Training

Offset Load: The offset load and closed chain use of the mace gives you a unique input to the body. The ability to maintain structure and exploit the distance and length of the load from hand placement challenge the user’s strength and stability.

Rotational Training: As humans we twist and turn utilizing our torso, but how often do we actually train this function? Many of us work within just a couple of the planes of the human body neglecting the source of our power which is rotation. There are a myriad of exercises that allow you to harness this power and sequence movements to improve strength.

Mental Conditioning: Many people simply zone out in their exercise sessions. With the mace, it’s important to be engaged during each movement. As we add levels of complex sequencing, it becomes more and more challenging to remember, recall and repeat. As fatigue sets in, we must work to maintain mental focus, while the body tires.

Grip Training: Who couldn’t use a better grip? Whether you’re a fighter or do a racket sport, grip is essential. The mace gives you an opportunity to explore grip in various different ways, from the swing to hand transitions, your grip will be required to change and adapt to the situation.

Core Training: Everyone could use a stronger core. The ability of the Mace to target core stability is incredible. When applied well, the mace can provide an amazing connection between the core and the rest of the body.

The Mace is a fun tool to use and it provides a diversity of movements that are unique to itself. There’s no end to what can be done with this tool. However, getting a solid foundation and understanding of the tool and concepts is key to having success while training with it.

Coach Rich Thurman is a Strength & Conditioning Coach based in San Francisco California. The focus of his coaching is on the safe application of Strength & Conditioning principles of the Steel Mace.

Start Where You Are

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart."

-C.G Jung


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